Shades of Perfection, With Lisa Samuel

Lisa Samuel

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“Infusing natural elements, lush textures, and unexpected details into a neutral color palette gives peaceful, calming serenity to space, which is essential for joyful living.” — Lisa Samuel

Lisa Samuel shades of perfection 1Photo Credit: Peter Ogilvie Photography

We all strive to live a joyful life: one that is full of simple pleasures, holding plenty of space for the moments, things, and people that make our lives feel full.

The pursuit of a joyful life is even more present in our modern, fast-paced lives. Day-to-day stresses are only accentuated by high-tech gadgets and our fascination with quick fixes. In a vicious cycle, the external influences on our daily routines and practices can easily lead us to feel overwhelmed.

Some of those external influences will always be out of our control — but at the same time, we can make an active, intentional choice to change our environment to positively affect our health and wellbeing.

Lisa Samuel shades of perfection 2Photo Credit: Peter Ogilvie Photography

Both at home and at work (or anywhere else where you may spend a significant amount of time), the design decisions in our environment have a direct impact on our lives: our emotions, our moods, our health, and so on. Everyone needs a sanctuary, a place where they can rejuvenate and reconnect, and the careful design of a space ultimately comes down to feeling rather than mere aesthetic.

Everyone’s idea of a sanctuary will look different. However, to create an environment that holds space for joyful, full living, there are certain general best practices to follow:

Lisa Samuel shades of perfection 3Photo Credit: Peter Ogilvie Photography

  • Reduce clutter as much as possible, keeping only items that you actually use, possibly donating items to the many charities in your community. Remember to thank each item for its service as Marie Kondo suggests
  • Get organized opting for creative storage solutions and designing for maximum functionality
  • Create thoughtful curations of collections creating a calmer optical and reducing visual stress
  • Maximize natural light by using lighter fabrics on window treatments, or introducing mirrors and other reflective surfaces
  • Create a neutral backdrop by using a neutral or semi-neutral color palette
  • Appoint natural elements like greenery, branches, and geometric shapes to infuse the space with restorative energy that feeds the spirit
  • Introduce textures to allow for a bit of contrast amongst your neutral color choices
  • Use Contrast for maximum impact, such as light walls and a darker floor or dark stained beams or cabinetry
  • Natural Fragrance and a thoughtfully appointed entry can be soothing to come home to each day
  • Create a special ‘quiet place’ where you read or meditate, keep it specially designated for that purpose

Lisa Samuel shades of perfection 4Photo Credit: Peter Ogilvie Photography

Creating spaces that enhance our environmental and spiritual needs is key to recharging, making the most of our rest time, and living joyfully. You too can achieve ‘shades of perfection’ in your home, and even the subtlest of changes can have a significant impact on your quality of life — no large renovation budget is always necessary. Hiring a professional licensed design professional can help make the most of your budget and overall design choices.

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