Shades of Gray Kitchen by The Kitchenworks

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Kitchens are the heart of the home—and The Kitchenworks in Ft. Lauderdale allows its clients to fully participate in the design process. For its “Shades of Gray” project, this young family wanted a neutral, clean lined and above all unique kitchen. It needed to be functional for cooking as well as entertaining while including a desk area and butler’s pantry. Since the kitchen was so large and predominant to the family rooms, they wanted a more compositional approach than a large presence of a single style of cabinetry.


The first challenge was the odd shape of the room in which to develop a working plan. The interior designers at The Kitchenworks designed an L- shaped island, which divides the available floor space for seating and a lower working countertop in black walnut.


It was also important to keep the existing window. They added a Wolf primary convection oven for everyday use. The Sub-Zero Refrigerator and Freezer are framed by a handsome wrap of wood, and accented by the open stainless steel backed cabinet above.
They incorporated hidden sliding doors, made out of the marble slab, that conceal built in cabinets with LED lighting which activates when the doors slide open. Lastly, they included refrigerator drawers by the desk area for the children’s drinks and snacks.


Kitchenworks does more than just kitchens. To check out their work, Click Here.

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