Selling A Home? Have A Professional Do It For You

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Selling a home, among the most important transactions we do in our lives, is not a walk in the park. The ins and outs of how to go about the process of listing, showing, and closing a home are many. Below, top real estate professionals of the Haute Residence Network give us some of the main reasons why one should always have an agent to help achieve the final goal of selling a home.

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"Agents provide three distinct advantages: objectivity, market intelligence, and honed sales skills. Combined with fiduciary responsibility to the vendor, they simplify the sales process and optimize opportunities to sell the property at the best price possible in the shortest amount of time." - Sue Nickason, Provenance Properties, Cayman Islands.

"Having a trusted adviser is critical to selling a home in this challenging market. Your agent will have knowledge of the market, be able to identify a qualified buyer, and be able to market effectively toward a quick sale." - Leslie S. Modell, Midtown East, New York City, NY.

"It's hard to keep this answer short as there are so many reasons to not go it alone! I suppose the quickest way to draw a parallel is, would you defend yourself in a court of law or would you hire a professional?  Would you repair your own car after a fender bender or would you hire a professional?  Would you fill your own cavity or would you hire a professional? Did you know that most for sale by owner sellers think they'll save money by wading through the world of real estate on their own, but on average, for sale by owner homes sell for less than the market average?  Why not hire a professional to take care of you every step of the way?" - Anne-Britt Østlund, Telluride, CO.

"The Real Estate Agent value proposition is truly valuable to a transaction, as it brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the transaction, extrapolating at the same time, the emotional attachments that sellers typically have to the Real Estate." - Bento Queiroz, Southwest Ranches, FL.

"A qualified REALTOR® offers key components such as marketing expertise, negotiation skills, wider exposure and a professional rather than emotional approach to each transaction." - Jennifer Shemwell, President, Phyllis Browning Company, San Antonio, TX.

"We have a huge advantage because of our experience – with marketing, transactions, and relationships with experts in the community. Plus, I always have buyers who are looking. We make the entire process easier by handling all the details, so the seller doesn’t have to." - Darlene Streit, New Mexico.

"15 hours a day,  estate agents interact with fellow brokers, potential clients, and other industry partners, providing access to a far larger sales network. Most importantly, having a professional Estate agent present your home also takes the emotions and nostalgia out of the transaction, allowing them to present the property in a way that appeals to the broader range of buyers. This puts the focus on the main points that will appeal to the current market conditions, rather than focusing on the lifetime of memories created by the owners, or factors that are no longer relevant. The aim is to sell quickly at the best value, agents are in the best position to do this." - Justin White, Anchor Antigua Realty, Antigua.

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