Sara Gelbard and Paul Kolbusz Talk Greenwich Village/West Village Real Estate

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What is the biggest challenge of being a real estate agent in New York City?

Sara: The toughest challenge for brokers in the New York City real estate market is getting exclusive listings to sell. For every property available for purchase, there are multiple buyers who are both able and willing to purchase it. It is a market where demand exceeds supply, and obtaining exclusive listings is a much more difficult task than representing buyers.

Paul: The biggest challenge at the moment for real estate agents in New York City is the lack of inventory.  Specifically, if you are working with buyers who are in search of large units there is a significant shortage of quality apartments.  We have to prepare our buyers to be competitive and they must act quickly. In many cases, they have to be willing to pay the asking price and above.

What would you say is the most appealing aspect of your Greenwich Village/West Village market?

Sara: The most alluring aspect of the Greenwich Village neighborhood is the cluster of historically-rich townhouses on beautiful tree-lined streets. The lower density and concentration of single-family homeowners creates a sense of community and neighborliness for those that live here.

Paul: The most appealing aspect of Greenwich Village is the charm of townhouse living.  The cobblestone streets with their rich history make this one of New York’s one-of-a-kind neighborhoods.

What's the key to keeping business booming in the off-peak season?

Sara: By remaining flexible and responding to changes in your market.

Paul: By getting in touch with all of your previous buyers/sellers who may or may not be in the market and inform them of your new exclusives. This is one good way to keep in touch and perhaps gain additional business.

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