Sandra Oster On How To Design Entries And Hallways

Sandra Oster

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Editor’s Note: Sandra Oster of Sandra Oster Interiors lays her eyes on every part of a home. And where else to start but in the entries and hallways!

Sandra Oster - entries and hallways

Imagine you go to a friend’s house for the first time. Most likely, you will be walking through the front door and find yourself in the entry.

“The entry hallway is the introduction to your home,” says Sandra Oster of Sandra Oster Interiors. “It should always make a positive impression; one that is inviting, pleasing to the eye and speaks to your personality and style.”

Sandra Oster - entries and hallways2

Subtlety is recommended. She continues, “It doesn’t have to be complicated; it could be something as simple as a console table with a small vignette of candles, greenery and a few of your favorite collectibles, or a brilliantly patterned occasional chair perched underneath a prized painting.”

From that, Oster matches the entry and hallways to the other areas of the home. “The entry and hallways should ebb and flow with the design of the home, so when it leads into the next room, it’s a seamless transition,” she says. “The journey from room to room should be harmonious and enjoyable, so take advantage of the hallways in your home; or as I like to call them, pathways.

And then, there are the walls to consider and not neglect. “If the path is wide enough, there are design opportunities just waiting to happen,” says Sandra. “Plan ahead of time for proper lighting to showcase each piece and light the pathways along the way.”

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