Rooms By Eve, A Condo By The Sea

Eve Joss

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Editor’s Note: Eve Joss of Rooms By Eve recently finished this lovely beach condo in Deerfield Beach, FL. The unit brings an oceanic blue indoors to match the decor. Haute Design got a special look!

Rooms by Eve Nov2019 1Photo Credit: Marylinda Ramos

If you want the feeling of living on the beach to surround you, consider a coastal-inspired interior. The architecture of this gorgeous condo incorporates large windows and wall-to-wall sliding glass doors in the main living areas, which let in natural sunlight and allow the water views to be the focal point of the room.

Rooms by Eve Nov2019 4Photo Credit: Marylinda Ramos

Perhaps because it’s the color of both the sky and the sea: In color therapy, blue tones are said to evoke clarity and calmness. The combination is elegant, simple and yet gorgeous.

Rooms by Eve Nov2019 2Photo Credit: Marylinda Ramos

Teaming blue with white is an easy way to create a focus in any room—especially if it’s a small space. The deep blue shades will make the white appear crisper, and this rich color combo has the power to add bold style without overwhelming a space.

Rooms by Eve Nov2019 5Photo Credit: Marylinda Ramos

Additionally, blue and white works wonderfully in a bedroom given that the palette instills a sense of breeziness and calm. layering bedding in blue and white carries the theme and add charm.

Rooms by Eve Nov2019 3Photo Credit: Marylinda Ramos

Blue and white decor never gets old!

Rooms by Eve Nov2019 6Photo Credit: Marylinda Ramos

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