Ron Shaw of R.A. Shaw Design Talks Designs Resolutions and Brands

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If you could pick 3 (belated) New Year’s design resolutions to make for 2014, what would they be? Why?

I'd like to use fire and water together in one feature again. They are becoming vogue particularly in our tropical designs. We have used it once, but we will focus on using it more often.

We are moving away from natural stones to the more vibrant, clean look of porcelain. The market is ever growing with exciting new patterns and textures, and we'd like to use porcelain tile in future designs.

We are embracing the move to LED lighting (more due to regulation than design choice), but our lighting designs are now getting away from architectural fixtures and moving to recessed floor and ceiling units that highlight our design features and architecture.

Name your favorite furniture and décor brands to work with. What makes them so special?

We recently discovered Clubhouse Italia. They have a great consulting staff that assist with design with direct turnover to custom manufacturing. They encourage our 'thinking outside the box' approach to design in our tropical environment.

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