Roberta Ingletto On Uses Of Wallpaper In Interior Design Projects

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Editor's Note: Roberta Ingletto of RGI Realty talks about the wallpaper designs she and her daughter Giovanna Ingletto use as part of RGI Designs, the interior design branch that they combine with their real estate services in some of the most luxurious developments in South Florida.

Roberta Ingletto April 2021 2Photo Credit: Courtesy of RGI Realty

We love using wallpaper in all of our interior design projects. We believe in exploring our clients personal taste and style in order to curate an environment that represents who they are. We incorporate the use of textures and colors to bring a sense of individuality to each space. It is important for us to highlight the authenticity of each property and deliver that final result that will make you feel at home.

Residences by Armani/Casa

Roberta Ingletto April 2021 1

Residences by Armani/Casa

Photo Credit: Courtesy of RGI Realty

For our project with Armani Residences we were inspired by the location of the property and the natural surrounding to recreate a selection of decorative shades and textures that flow energetically in balance with our client's favorite Natural Elements and Life Style. We implemented the use of earth tones, wood and quartz materials to highlight the property incomparable views, and create beautiful accent walls that are timeless and sophisticated.

REACH Brickell City Centre

Roberta Ingletto April 2021 3

REACH at Brickell City Centre

At Reach Residences we implemented a bolder geometric look alongside an array of strong textures to highlight the property uniqueness and its location. We carefully put together the color flow in each room to compliment the surroundings decor and deliver their comforting vibrant energy.

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