Ralph Lauren Introduces Designs For Home

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The iconic Ralph Lauren got the design world buzzing last week when he announced to Elle Decor that he has created a new home decor line comprising furniture, decorative accents, accessories and more. The RLH Collection will incorporate Lauren's famous antique look, with pieces like a Tudor-style refectory table, an 18th-century French rustic style chair, wicker baskets and a wood winepress screw. A special emphasis is placed on the finishing of each piece, with the use of reclaimed wood and antique textiles. These pieces will represent the high quality associated with the Lauren name; each item from the line is hand-made, making every piece unique.

In an exclusive interview with Elle Decor, Ralph Lauren described the aesthetic the line captures; "I have always loved things that are worn and weathered, things that have a distinctive patina that evokes the past but brings a spirit of authenticity to the present. I love old wood tables and blue painted cupboards, the look of a vintage leather armchair that conjures up a certain way of living, and comfort that is timeless and never goes out of style. Most of all, I love pieces touched by the human hand, crafted by artisans with purposefulness and a personal aesthetic. The most beautiful homes have a touch of history, of memory, of things that have been passed along, living side by side with the very modern. For me, this is the very essence of personal style."

Ralph Lauren founded his eponymous clothing company in 1967, and has since grown his design empire to a net worth of roughly $7.5 billion.

Source and photos courtesy Elle Decor.

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