Ralph Lauren Gives Us A 5-Point Lesson On the Perfectly Well-Dressed Bed

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In advance of fashion week, Haute Design Network have been bringing you the best home decor lines from our favorite couture designers. Last week we looked at Armani, and this week we're looking at the iconic Ralph Lauren. The designer known for his stunning, celebrity-favorite runway creations also owns a home design collection which captures the brand's luxury lifestyle DNA.

So, who better to turn to for a guide to a perfectly well-dressed bed? The designer shares, "Make the most of the centerpiece in your bedroom by dressing your bed as you would yourself–in layers. Begin with a complementary palette. Alternate patterns or stripes with solids for a classic look, or layer solids for a more modern impression."

Start with a bed skirt: the proper bed skirt adds texture and an additional element of color. Try a second one and cinch it at each corner to create a tiered effect. Then, sheets; after applying a fitted sheet, draw the flat sheet to the head of the bed, and allow the other edges to hang freely. Fold the flat sheet over your bed blanket, and neatly tuck both the bed blanket and the top sheet under the mattress. Next, the pillows; start with two European shams (or “squares”) for a full-sized bed, or three for a king or queen. Rest the shams upright against the headboard. Layer two standard shams, followed by two standard bed pillows. Finally add the decorative throw pillows of your choice. Last but not least is the blanket. Your bed blanket’s weight and fabrication should be appropriate to the season–heavier wool or cashmere for winter, lighter cotton for summer. In addition to a bed blanket, a comforter or duvet is necessary. Fold the duvet or comforter one, two or three times, depending upon your style, and set it across the foot of the bed. A throw blanket or quilt adds an additional layer of color and texture and is the perfect finishing touch.

Voilà! A perfectly dressed bed, from the perfectly stylish Ralph Lauren.

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