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Editor's Note: A Q&A with Chris Goddard at Goddard Design Group and his project manager, Melissa Banks, on the design of this room honoring her father, inside a pre-Civil War house.

Photo Credit: Mark Jackson, Chroma

Haute Residence: From what period does this room originate?

Chris Goddard: We believe the brick house was constructed in 1845.  Lots of stories about how it was an Indian village a long, long time ago and a boarding house on a small rail line that ran across northwest Arkansas. The house fell into bad repair in the 1960s until it was purchased by the Banks family in 1972.

Photo Credit: Mark Jackson, Chroma

HR: How were the historical parts of the room maintained?

CG: When the family bought the home in 1972, the first renovation began with cleaning and restoration, taking care to preserve the integrity of the architecture and the brick.  This is my fourth renovation of the home, and every time I find something that is unique to the space.  All rooms have original plaster, except for the kitchen where the brick is exposed from floor to ceiling.  There were two windows that were 12 inches thick. I took these out to create doorways to the new addition. All brick is original and there wasn't much work except to repair patches of mortar.

Goddard Design Group nov 2020 1Photo Credit: Mark Jackson, Chroma

HR: What was the inspiration for the design?

CG: Inspiration for the room came from Melissa's father who passed away six years ago. The original first floor is three rooms separated by an entry hall, and the walls are so thick you couldn't hear each other from one room to another.  With a teenage daughter and four dogs, Melissa and I decided to add a kitchen/great room space where we could all be together. That left the old kitchen to vacate.  Her dad was a big wine enthusiast, martini drinker, Modern art collector, and most of all a cigar aficionado. She wanted to create a space that represented all that he loved.

Photo Credit: Mark Jackson, Chroma

HR: How did you go about selecting the pieces that decorate the room and what do they represent?

CG: On a shopping trip to Dallas, Melissa fell in love with the African beaded chairs (purchased at Ceylon et Cie), and I knew they would pair wonderfully with one of her antique Chinese Deco rugs. The Elitis teal and orange wallcovering works very well with the brick and gives a pop to the room.  Melissa loves brass, so I chose bamboo hardware from Addison Week for the cabinetry, and we purchased the antique brass light fixture in Fes, Morocco. "Don't Shoot the Messenger" by Michael Gittes is a great art piece that represents the period of the house, the carousel bear was found at a local antique store, and crystal barware was inherited from her mother and father.

Photo Credit: Mark Jackson, Chroma

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Photo Credit: Mark Jackson, Chroma

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