The Pinnacle Penthouse Is A Castle In The Sky…Literally.

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Do you ever wish you could live in New York, in a space the size of your house in the suburbs? Listen up, I have good news. From studio apartments in the Lower East Side, to Midtown penthouses, New York has all kinds of apartments. Far beyond the reaches of what those refer to as “luxury” though, is one home. The Pinnacle Penthouse that cannot be topped by Manhattan real estate, atop the Woolworth Tower Residences.

While the Woolworth Tower is already a city landmark, once known as the tallest building in the world, it is now home to the Woolworth Tower Residences in its highest floors, a group of immaculate units surrounded by terra cotta sculpting on the exterior of the building and boasting some of the most incredible views of the city. We’ve covered the residences before, but with the Pinnacle Penthouse nearly ready to unveil, the building is seeing your bet, and raising it--to the tune of $110,000,000.


737 feet above the city, this five-story, single unit is the epitome of opulence, with an observation deck and home housed by a copper cover from the building’s original design. The copper, like most of the city’s most famous structures, has yielded itself to the seafoam green color copper turns to, giving this home the beautiful patina that may be more associated with New York City than the city’s flags colors themselves. The home boasts about 9,700 square feet, with a little over 400 square feet for an observation deck. The space features a private elevator, and has access to the rest of the buildings incredible features like a pool, lounge, fitness center, spa, and more. Like the luxury units below it, the home also features a wine rack that can hold up to 185 bottles. While there is certainly a wide range of luxe lifestyles to live in within New York, this home features some of the best New York has to offer while still being rooted in the history of this town.



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