Park Avenue Combination By Designer Joe Human

Joe Human

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Editor’s Note: Joe Human of Designs By Human shows Haute Design around this grand Park Avenue apartment he recently finished.

Joe Human - Park Avenue 1Photo Credit: Colby Edwards

Our client purchased the neighboring two-bedroom apartment in their Upper East Side Coop Building to combine with their current three-bedroom home.

We worked with our contractor and our client closely to develop a functional floor plan to complement our beautiful design that would make the combination feel like it has always been one cohesive apartment.

Joe Human - Park Avenue 2Photo Credit: Colby Edwards

It started with the Kitchen, this space was enlarged and now extends over what was the old apartment entrance allowing for much more storage in a galley kitchen layout. In (what was) the location of the combined apartments existing kitchen space, we added a bar area that perfectly serves the new formal side of the home while making a subtle statement with the design choices and funky wallcovering.

Ovadia - October 2019 3Photo Credit: Colby Edwards

To work with some of the constraints of the existing building such as concrete floors and ceilings we implemented simple functional architectural details and interior design elements to allow electrical wiring to be placed for overhead lighting, which, shockingly is a convenience in New York City. These small details combined with the overall gut renovation give the entire home a new and more modern look while keeping with the classic Upper East Side aesthetic.

Ovadia - October 2019 4Photo Credit: Colby Edwards

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