Ovadia Design Group Renovates The “Upper East Side Flat”

Ovadia Design Group

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Editor’s Note: Jack Ovadia and his team at Ovadia Design Group recently finished doing a two-for-one project, turning two separate apartments into a chic and modern one in New York.


Ovadia - October 2019-6Photo Credit: Hayley Ellen Day

This residence is called “Upper East Side Flat.” It is located on Sutton Place in Manhattan. The apartment belongs to a couple with three children.

They lived in it prior to the renovation and knew what needed to be done to make it fit their lifestyle. The apartment started out very old fashioned. The goal was to modernize but at the same time, preserve the apartment’s old charm.

Ovadia - October 2019-2Photo Credit: Hayley Ellen Day

The couple wanted a large master suite separate from the three children’s’ bedrooms. We designed a heavenly, serene space for them to escape with furniture outfitted by the luxurious brand, Christopher Guy.

Ovadia Design - October 2019-7Photo Credit: Hayley Ellen Day

The girls’ bedroom has the clean organic backdrop of a Phillip Jeffries Watercolor wallpaper accessorized with a pop of color. The girls’ bed was a custom design.

Photo Credit: Hayley Ellen Day

One of the main requirements the couple had was that they wanted their home to be a place where they could easily and graciously entertain.

They wanted to have a closed-off utility kitchen where the day to day cooking would be done.

The large Living/Dining area has a show kitchen incorporated in a complementary style. Their breakfast/family room is also a large space to accommodate entertaining.

Photo Credit: Hayley Ellen Day

One of the main challenges of the project was working within the existing building structure. It was a very shaded building and we needed to optimize any light source we could manage. We also worked in light color schemes so as to optimize brightness in the residence.

For more on Ovadia Design Group, visit www.ovadiadesign.com.

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