Ovadia Design Group Discusses Their Latest Project At A Long Island Estate

Ovadia Design Group

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Editor’s Note: Ovadia Design Group (ODG) is an award-winning architectural interior design company specializing in high-end residential and commercial designs. Their team embodies a trifecta of passionate, highly-creative and approachable talent with a wealth of experience. Haute Design sits down with Ovadia Design Group who gives us an inside look at their latest project in Long Island, NY. 

What was the inspiration behind this project?

The inspiration for the home was driven by the family itself. Young energetic and full of life they wanted to have a house where they can all hang out together. The grey backgrounds with blue accents was a color that the owner was just in love with. So was something we considered to use throughout many rooms.

How would you describe this project? What design aesthetic would it fall under?

This is contemporary for sure, its soft lines of the furniture. The style is also family-friendly, and cozy. Not too over the top.

How involved was the client throughout the design process?

The client was very involved from the beginning to the end. The client wanted to make sure a detail was not missed the collaborative teamwork was amazing. They were very specific about having hidden TVs, extreme organization in the closet interiors, dividers, etc. they were involved in each item, even the selection of the pillow fabrics.

Where is this project located?

Long Island.

What elements did you use to bring this design concept to life?

We used hard work. Lol from the initial renderings to the completion, if you see the renderings we did they are exactly like the work we have installed. The mill workers, the lighting guys, the tile installers were all perfectionist and wanted to assure the vision happened and was executed.

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