Outdoor Luxury Kitchens That Brag Cool, Hip and Sexy Summer Swag

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Billionaire BBQs. A phrase that, on its face, may seem like an oxymoron. However, after you check out these outdoor luxury kitchens, you’ll soon realize that outdoor grandiose BBQ areas are flaming hot this year, providing a wide range of exterior designs. And all of these magnanimous outdoor kitchens are searing with saucy styles that will surely wet your appetite.

Summertime Fun

Outdoor Luxury Kitchens

Photo: www.vikingrange.com

From purple mountains majesty to amber waves of grain, to this rustic, chic patio and outdoor kitchen with an entertainment area that turns BBQ into a badass, big-time and quotidian experience. This outdoor kitchen crackles with cool-breeze, cowboy elegance serving up lots of luxury.

Want to cook up more? Not a problem with this stainless steal, flat top grill – with its own rotisserie system – that will effortlessly feed your many family and friends. And all the while surrounded by the most beautiful of views.

The mountain vista is so stunning that it will allow you to feast upon beauty for days on end while teasing the fresh air with aromas from your favorite grilled foods, including those fire-roasted marshmallows to be sandwiched between two graham crackers and layers of Hershey’s chocolate on the most delightful of Montana afternoons.

The Rooftop Where Everybody Wants To Live

Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

Photo by Chicago Roof Deck & Garden

This outdoor kitchen provides a breathtaking view of the Chicago skyline. If you lived here, the luxuriousness of the Magnificent Mile would be brought home to you on a daily basis. You’d experience outdoor, upscale living with a roofless kitchen equipped for timeless, tasty summertime-fun: chilling with good friends and family on a rooftop with the most amazing, jaw-dropping city view.

The Summertime Hangout

Outdoor Luxury Kitchens

Photo by Joe Traina

Put your phone down because you’re invited to a barbecue that’s starting now in the pool. What could be better than having at your fingertips, feisty friends, fabulous food and fun-filled festivities? And all without getting out of the water.

This pool bar ensures that your swim will never be interrupted as you lunch, laugh and lounge with friends – at your home, in your outside luxury kitchen and with your chilled fine white wine. You need nothing more than to experience this outdoor luxury space that turns every day into a Saturday.

A Soft Subtle Mix

Outdoor Luxury Kitchens

Photo by Eric Figge

This outdoor patio in scenic Southern California features the most amazing mountain views, a natural stone-tiled patio, an outdoor dining table fit for eight, a wood paneled ceiling and a vast arched opening that leads directly to the pool. This kitchen is a must-have and makes outdoor living a must-do.

Lakeside Kitchen

Outdoor Luxury Kitchens

Photo: Napoleon Grills

There’s a serenity to cooking outdoors and being one with nature. With mimosas ready to go, a Sunday sunlit brunch in this lakeside outdoor kitchen could not get any better.

No Walls, No Worries

Outdoor Luxury Kitchens

Photo by Will Hare Photography

This outdoor kitchen, boasting a Mediterranean flair that seamlessly creates an intimate Tuscan ambience, is destined to become that space at home where celebratory Italian wines are shared amongst family and close friends. This palatial kitchen is perfect for viewing sunrises and sunsets, for offering the finest of outdoor, unobstructed views as you feast on delicious food, and for providing elegant living with a scenic edge.

Wine Country In The Backyard

Outdoor Luxury Kitchens

Santa Rosa, California | Sotheby’s International Realty – San Francisco Brokerage

Nestled in the heart of wine country, this serene space is the perfect outdoor kitchen that sits amongst the greenest of oak trees, the lushest of orchards and the most colorful of flowerbeds. Complete with fireplace, massive grill and endless sunshine, morning coffee and evening wine are sure to be the daily activities in this outdoor kitchen space.

Smooth, Sleek, Sultry Sophistication 

Outdoor Luxury Kitchens

This modern outdoor kitchen is built for ultra entertaining. The lounge area provides the perfect space to unwind on a summer day and the fire pit ensures the space will remain intimate on cool summer nights. This outdoor luxury space also features a pool with integrated spa and epitomizes billionaire BBQ living at its best.

The Skylight Kitchen

Outdoor Luxury Kitchens

This skylight kitchen design redefines what a cookout, kitchen and contemporary cool are.

Each of these outdoor kitchens provides a new definition for scintillating, summer madness. So, the time has definitely arrived to sit back and unwind in any one of these outdoor kitchen spaces. And always in your upscale, ultra saucy, unapologetic style.
Top Image: Photo by Chicago Roof Deck & Garden

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