5 Stylish Open-Concept Loft Designs As Seen On Instagram

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Open-concept design is one of the most popular home styles of modern architecture. People love open-concept designs for a lot of different reasons, including both convenience and style. Many homeowners enjoy being able to interact with guests while cooking or entertaining, and also enjoy the freedom of being able to move seamlessly between their kitchen and their living room. When done right, open-concept design can be extremely stylish to boot. Here are a few of our favorite open-concept, loft-inspired designs from Instagram.

Light and Bright

This airy, two-story design makes for an extremely dramatic entryway. It’s a proof that open-concept living doesn’t just include kitchen and dining spaces; from the vantage point of the photo, you can see not only the two staircases, but the living room, the kitchen and beyond.


This sleek space is extremely loft-inspired, and perfect for those who enjoy modern designs. Industrial floor-to-ceiling windows, concrete walls and stark white custom cabinetry keep the space extremely sleek. Meanwhile, the high ceilings make this kitchen-living room area even more expansive.

A Step Above

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This space maintains an open-concept, loft-like feel while providing some separation between the living room and the other areas beyond. A step up into the kitchen space provides a feeling of separateness, as do the glass doors between the living space and the room beyond. However, there is still an open-concept design to the entire flow, making this design the best of both worlds.


Many people admire historic buildings and vintage designs, but worry that an open-concept design will cause the space to lose some of its charm. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. This particular home has no wall separating the living and dining rooms, but a white beam remains in place to provide structural support (and charm!). The restored walls, windows and doors allow the space to remain undeniably vintage.

Modern Boudoir

This ultra-modern bedroom showcases just how stunning it can be to create an open-concept design for your master suite. The statement-making green wall in the bathroom gives off a very zen vibe, while the exposed brick in the bedroom area makes it a separate and distinct space. The divider wall in the middle of the room adds privacy while helping to maintain the room’s overall style.

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