Ocean Reef Vacation Rentals & Real Estate On Why You Should Buy In South Walton Now

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A collection of intimate communities snuggled along the shores of Northwest Florida, South Walton is rapidly gaining national acclaim for offering some of the most stunning white sand beaches on the globe.  United by the beach, every few miles a new "town" offers its own rendition of the good life by the coast. In all, 16 communities grace the shores of South Walton, and there's a little something for everyone.

Not long ago this enclave was a well-kept secret, adjacent to Destin, but hidden amongst sprawling protected state forest.  Slowly over time, it's evolved, and today it is unlike any other beach destination - and the word is officially out.  Publications like Forbes, Coastal Living, and Natural Geographic are singing our praises and buyers, and visitors are flocking to our shores.

Don't worry, you haven't missed your opportunity. To entice you further, we are sharing five reasons why NOW is the time to buy in South Walton.

1. Investment purposes - Of course, you could stay that about nearly any city in Florida right now. However, the demand for vacation homes and condos in South Walton is higher than any other location.  This means in addition to the property appreciation, your investment here can begin bringing in revenue immediately.

2. Family Friendly: Yes the white sand beaches are the star of the show, but it's the overall ambiance and family forward focus in South Walton that is drawing in buyers in droves.

3. Retirement: South Walton is a great place to retire to with plenty to do. Golf, fishing, biking, walking, beaching, and great restaurants.  Plans for an "Active Adult" development branded with Jimmy Buffett dubbed Latitude Margaritaville Watersound were recently released, calling for an additional 170,000 homes.

4. Homebase for Remote Workers: There's a big trend in working from home remotely and super commuters, professionals that travel long distances.  Fortunately, there are three commercial airports and two private airports nearby.  This allows for easy transportation for those who prefer to live here along the coast.

5. Unreal, natural beauty: Yes, we briefly touched on this already. However, not all beaches are created equally.  The white sand in South Walton is fine ground crystalline quartz. That means it's stark white and reflective. The sand is cool to touch year-round, and it's reflective quality paired with the tranquil clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico result in a spectacular combination.

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