Nourmand & Associates Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Screening of ‘Decades’ Campaign Video

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Myra Nourmand and Saeed Nourmand

Myra Nourmand and Saeed Nourmand

At its 40th anniversary celebration event––which took place at Boulevard3 at the historic Hollywood Athletic Club on the evening of September 15––Nourmand & Associates broadcasted its latest campaign video, “Decades”––produced by Howard Nourmand and his design firm Grand-Jete––which showcases the history of L.A. and its ever-changing cultural landscape.

Nourmand & Associates, recognized as one of Los Angeles’ oldest and most successful real estate brokerage, was founded by Saeed Nourmand, and when his wife, Myra Nourmand, joined the company in 1987, she quickly became known as the “First Lady of Real Estate”.

In his opening speech, Michael Nourmand, president of Nourmand & Associates, and son of Saeed and Myra Nourmand, recognized the achievements of the firm over the years as well as announced what’s to come in the future.

Michael Nourmand

“Tonight is about celebrating the past and creating the future.” – Michael Nourmand

“I’d like to recognize our clients, agents, and staff,” Nourmand says, “Your talent, work ethic, and enthusiasm are what make our company so special. You are greatly appreciated.”

He recalls a moment at an event earlier in his real estate career, remembering that the honoree told him, If you want to get rich, don’t do business with your relatives. Instead of heeding that advice, Michael Nourmand complimented his parents on their mentorship. “Learning is an ongoing process, so on occasion I still turn to them when I need advice,” he added.

Noting the triumph of Nourmand & Associates as the oldest family-run residential brokerage in Los Angeles, he says:This is an impressive accomplishment considering the revolving door of companies in our industry. Every year, there is a new company with a new promise that is conveniently claiming the model is broken. But very few ever stand the test of time.”

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Nourmand credits the firm’s continuous success to hard work, an esteemed reputation, loyal clientele, an accomplished team of agents, and a dedicated staff.I believe the key to our longevity is our support structure and family environment,” he said.

In the past year, Nourmand & Associates has made several improvements, which Nourmand outlines. The website was rebuilt from the ground up. Some of the new features include original content on its blog, market statistics, and the ability to track readership with analytics.

Additionally, he goes on, the company hired a new public relations team, which has increased the firm’s exposure, as well as two more members on the marketing staff, one for social engagement and one for graphics. According to Nourmand, upcoming advancements will include new Instagram templates, re-branded listing presentation, and increased marketing initiatives.

“Tonight is about celebrating the past and creating the future,” Nourmand said.


Footage & photography courtesy of Dan Marker-Moore, Ron Reiring, Dogtown Z Boyz, Eames foundation, Hollywood Hot Stuff, Phil Donahue show/network, and Cliff May papers, Art & Design & Architecture Museum, UC Santa Barbara. © UC Regents

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