Noelle Hernandez of NCH Design, LLC Talks Social Media and Helpful Websites

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What programs and apps do you feel you can’t live without in your field? What about them is useful to you, and why would you recommend them?

We have found Pinterest to be very helpful for our clients who are out of town. We help them build their board to group all of their ideas together and help them sort through their ideas when we cannot meet with them in person.

Houzz is a quick and easy site to use when you need to explain something to someone who is very visual.

Personally I love Zinio. A client turned me on to this site and now I am hooked. I can keep all the magazines I love and use for work all in one spot.

How do you feel like social media has changed your industry and career? How do you use social media to your advantage?

Social media has been extremely helpful in getting information out quickly and to a larger audience. We love posting fun ideas or new products that we feel deserve extra attention. We also love being on the receiving end and getting new bits of info that peak our interest to go for a further look.

To learn more about Noelle Hernandez, visit her Haute Design Network profile and personal website.

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