New Year, New Interiors: Interior Design Predictions for 2023

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With the new year peeking from just around the corner, we set our sights on some predictions of interior design trends for 2023.

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Purple hues

Making its way from the 2022 runway to 2023 interiors is the color purple. The color with a history of royalty and opulence will amp up any interior with its tremendous variation of shade ranges giving designers a unique versatility. From periwinkle to mauve, the color can be fit to match any design space whether it’s in the powder room or the kitchen, purple will make the space pop. – Marina Yu, senior designer at Whitehall Interiors


Soft curves + rounded furniture

Lines, curves, patterns, and everything in between have always been a strong element when it comes to interior design. However, this fall they are really going to stand out. They complete spatial perceptions and add a fluid elegance. The beautiful new Turnberry Ocean Club takes advantage of these elements. As seen in the residences’ outdoor terrace, the linear flooring patterns add dimension to the deck while the curvaceous tables add a comforting contrast, allowing for intimate yet bold seating arrangements.

Fanny Haim, Fanny Haim & Associates


Goodbye, brightly colored outdoor furnishings

During the pandemic, at such a dull time in our lives, society shifted outdoors for gatherings. To add a sense of vibrance to the times, outdoor spaces saw a rush of brightness and pops of colors. Now in an ongoing effort back to normal life, we are beginning to find peace in muted tones and comfort colors such as soft beiges and familiar browns that naturally draw people in. – Steven G, Interiors by Steven G

A new amenity: Podcast Rooms

With podcasts becoming increasingly popular and even more accessible to the average person. With more and more people are creating their own, we wouldn't be surprised if people started dedicating rooms in their homes to “Podcast Rooms.” This new type of amenity space consists of a small room containing elements such as acoustic treatments, speakers, a green screen backdrop, and microphone and laptop accommodations. The best part about this type of room is that it only occupies a small footprint meaning those unused, cramped spaces can now be given a purpose and increase additional value within the home. – Orlando Rodriguez, head of production at Whitehall Interiors

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