New Challenges, New Opportunites, New Ideas: Bay Area Realtor Dona Crowder Looks Forward to 2013.

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Premiere Bay Are Realtor Dona Crowder shares her insights on changing demands and new strategies in luxury real estate marketing for 2013.

What do you see as your company’s greatest success in 2012?

We crossed the billion dollar annual sale mark before Thanksgiving this year! We closed one of the highest residential sales ever in SF and have current listings on several others in that category!

What do you see as some of the biggest opportunities in the coming year ahead?

Our biggest opportunity is the same as our biggest challenge….. Inventory.  The opportunity is that the average price has rebounded enough that more people will be motivated to sell, trade up or down.

What changing market aspects will have the greatest impact on the way you conduct business in 2013? 

We look forward to increasing buyer demand, including substantial influx of Chinese buyers into our luxury market in the bay area.  Of the 6000 or so that came to the US to purchase last year, 45% wanted to be in the bay area. How we reach those buyers and how we advertise our listings is changing, from print to the Internet, but still through our networking…… a learning curve impacts the agent, especially our most experienced agents. However, one of the reasons we were attracted to this business is that it is always changing … we must keep up and renew ourselves all the time!

What is it about you and your company that sets you apart from the rest?

TRI Coldwell Banker Previews International is just that, truly an international company.  This particular office has a long history of dominating the luxury market in SF. We have agents with a great deal of experience over time in varied market conditions.

What are the most important questions a client should ask themselves before selecting an agent in your market?

What is the agent’s network and integrity? Are they qualified to guide you through the complicated local process?

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