Nate Berkus Design

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We have a number of articles about Nate Berkus and his designs, including this one where he reflects on what matters. 

World-renowned designer and TV personality Nate Berkus recently sat down with Elle Decor to discuss his latest book The Things That Matter (Spiegel & Grau). The book delves into Berkus’ own work, with a look at the designer’s own tips, like using gift wrapping paper to line drawers. Berkus shares that his “intention was not to make the book personal” but he concedes that he’s “not a particularly private person by anyone’s opinion.”

With intimate details like Berkus’ love for peeling the labels off of shampoo bottles and more, it is indeed a great glimpse into one of the great design minds working in the industry today. ”The one common thread between all the people in the book is that their stories and their pieces really tell the story of who they are,” says Berkus. “Which means it’s not all my work – it’s a mix of my own homes, friends who asked for my help, friends who didn’t want my help, and then strangers I met through the show.”

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