Natalia Neverko’s Stunning Loft In The Heart Of Turks & Caicos Island

Natalia Neverko

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Natalia Neverko Turks and Caicos - 1

Innovative interior designer Natalia Neverko of Natalia Neverko Design showed Haute Residence around her latest project, an amazing open-concept loft in the Turks and Caicos Island.

Living Room

We designed an open-concept loft. The double-ceiling concept gives the living room a grand and spacious look. We decorated the windows with white drapery from floor to ceiling. They blend in with the white walls, making the space even taller.

For this modern interior, we brought a little bit of an urban feel by adding an exposed, polished, stained, concrete classical Venetian glass chandelier with a Barcelona Chair, and an ottoman designed by Le Corbusier, displaying 20th-century minimalism.

A modern orange rug gives the room a splash of color. The pillows make the space bright, fresh, interesting and inviting. Modern art with orange, white, and black color combinations complement and unite the room’s decoration together. Also, the vertical shape of the pictures emphasizes the height of the ceiling.

Living room with a view to the bedroom

Supporting, separating wall between the living room and bedroom services as the decoration wall. The TV wall unit fits here, with a lot of leftover space for vases, flowers, and books.

Bedroom furniture color and material are white leather that echoes the living room’s furniture.

Behind the bed headboard, you can see modern grey wall coverings with a geometrical pattern.

From the kitchen to the bedroom

A modern, black and white kitchen. The art and décor have accents of the same colors. Modern, metal-frame bar stools. The countertop is made from black quartz.

Modern Bathroom

Blue mosaics on the walls represent splashes of the ocean coming in from the outside. The big mirror on the wall opens up the space of the bathroom, enhancing the size of the bathroom.

Pool area

We created a modern pool with blue and white color pallet. The picket chairs are modern, with white outdoor fabric.


Photos courtesy of Natalia Neverko

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