Myra Nourmand on the Close-Knit Community of Los Angeles

Myra Nourmand

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Beverly Hills is a modern-day village with an international reputation. As much as 90210 is famous around the world for its high-profile residents and glamorous lifestyle, most people move here because of its family-focused atmosphere. Parents realize living in Beverly Hills means bringing their children up in one of the county's best neighborhoods. We are proudly a close-knit community full of families that stay for generations. Kids grow up in Beverly Hills and move back as adults to raise their children—they love our city.

When you walk down Beverly Drive or Canon Drive during its bustling lunch hour, you're bound to run into neighbors and friends you've known for years. Beverly Hills boasts amazing public schools, fire and police departments, and parks. Unlike other high-end Los Angeles neighborhoods, where public schools underperform compared to elite private schools, the Beverly Hills Unified School District (BHUSD) is one of the nation's best. Here kids receive the finest private school level-education for public school prices. I know this firsthand because all three of my adult children are products of BHUSD schools. Combine superb public services with world-class entertainment, dining, and shopping, and you can see why our residents take so much pride in our community.

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