Must-See Decor: Ellen DeGeneres’ Latest Addition To Her Home Collection

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show is must-see, daytime TV. And these days, the ED Ellen DeGeneres Home Collection is the must-have, home decor collection.

It's no secret that Ellen -America's beloved talk show host- is also a serial home renovator/buyer of residential real estate. Over the past decade, Ellen has amassed nothing short of a real estate empire and she continues to buy and sell luxury California properties, sometimes living in multiple houses per year, and making signifiant profits from renovating each of them. In describing her real estate adventures, Ellen emphasizes that her real estate gains are a result of her sheer enjoyment, any profit merely a by-product of her joy. "We buy a house and we love it, and we stay in it," said DeGeneres. "Then we get a little bored because we like a different style or different aesthetic — and I love furniture and decorating — so if I find something else, and we make money, why not move to another house?" Surely, words to buy by.

It appears there's nothing left for DeGeneres to do except shine some light on those home decor items that she personally prefers. And so, DeGeneres finally has. The television host has expanded her home collection brand to include lighting fixtures. “If you've ever stubbed your toe in the middle of the night, you know how important lighting is,” teases DeGeneres, whose eye for interior design seamlessly rivals her comedic wit. DeGeneres further elaborates, “Think of the rugs as peanut butter and the lighting as jelly—and then me as the bread, I guess.”

Hungry to get a taste of DeGeneres' new lighting collection? If so, keep reading and gobble up the new ED lighting collection -as well as some of last season's house items, made category-specific for you to easily choose what is most pleasing to you.



Some light fixtures are Mid-century modern designs, with starburst silhouettes or Stilnovo-style shades. Others tend toward the rustic—like those simple linen shades—or the industrial, with galvanized pendants.

Ellen Degeneres

These lighting designs included in the ED Ellen DeGeneres Home Collection are the highly desirable items for 2019. “You can have a beautifully decorated room, but if it isn’t lit well with great fixtures, it can go totally unappreciated,” said DeGeneres.


DeGeneres also has other home decor items that range from playful bath paraphernalia, to fluffy pillows, to geometric flat weaved rugs to the most adorable bed sheets. Light-hearted fun and playfulness are DeGeneres' starting design points.


Ellen Degeneres

DeGeneres' tabletop consists only of love. Accompanied by some fashionable blue and white plates upon which to serve culinary creations to loved ones.

Table Linens

Ellen Degeneres

DeGeneres' daily message -Be kind to one another- has been seamlessly incorporated into her home interior decor.


Ellen Degeneres

It's time to take a magical carpet ride with DeGeneres. Without leaving the comforts of your home.


Ellen Degeneres

DeGeneres' bedsheets, throws and blankets provide a warmth for you to wrap yourself up in.

Pillows & Throws

Ellen Degeneres

Simple, classic plus contemporary creates that Ellen Factor.


Ellen Degeneres

In the kitchen, you're able to share recipes that bring family and friends closer together, strengthening a bond that goes beyond any kitchen space.

Love. Happiness. Kindness. The DeGeneres design trifecta that guarantees a successful life, from the outside in.

The ED Ellen DeGeneres Home Collection is the interior home collection that brings Ellen home to you -in EDTV style- even when your television is turned off. The next time that you watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show, do so in EDTV: sitting on your oversized couch with ED's love pillows, using ED's all-white kitchenware to hold your chips and salsa. You can easily double dip. You'll surely be smiling and it won't be because of DeGeneres' jokes. The reasons will be your ED home decor selections that serve to bring effervescent playfulness, love, joy and luxury home to you.


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