Moving In NYC Is Easier Said Than Done, Unless You Let Professionals Handle It

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Whether you are already a New York City resident or looking to become one – moving within the Big Apple is no easy feat. Unlike most other cities in the U.S., NYC presents its current and future tenants with a variety of obstacles they must overcome before they are finally able to settle into their new home. But that’s what you get when you move to a city that’s as amazing and eccentric as New York.

We spoke with luxury NYC based moving company Roadway Moving to get their insight on how to make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Why do you think moving is such a challenge in NYC compared to other cities?

Moving in New York City is not like moving in any other city especially if you decide to do it yourself. There are a lot of factors that come into play when embarking on a move especially if you’re moving into a doorman elevator building verses a brownstone. The top three pain points are parking, certificate of insurance and reserving an elevator (if there is one).  Why stress over where you’re going to park your moving van when you can let a moving company handle it all?

Courtesy of Roadway Moving / Photo by John A. Angelillo

Courtesy of Roadway Moving / Photo by John A. Angelillo

How can moving companies alleviate the stress and anxiety that comes with a move?

A full-service moving company, like Roadway Moving, can do it all for you.

Regardless of whether you’re a family of four with little down time to prepare or a single person with a lot of valuables, it is possible to have a stress-free move. We offer full packing and unpacking services, extra insurance if needed, and the option to add on white glove service, Roadway Black. Depending on your budget and how many valuable items you are moving, it pays to splurge on this service to truly alleviate stress from the moving experience. Sometimes the less expensive route is not always the smartest route. You need to find services that are going to protect the things you worked hard to earn.

Do you find there are better and worse times of the year to move? 

January and February tend to be the cheapest and you’ll definitely get a great deal. While during the summer is the busiest time of the year for people to move and will be the most expensive.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional moving company?

There are many benefits to hiring a moving company but the biggest is to relieve any sort of stress on move day. Most working professionals do not have the time or luxury to plan their move from beginning to end and that is where a professional mover comes into play.


Take us through your move process from start to finish.

When you first call Roadway, we’ll decide if you need an on-site evaluation or if we can take your move details over the phone. If you have a larger home with a lot of valuables we’ll send someone to your house to provide a free estimate.

The second option is to speak with a sales professional who will then input your inventory and move details into the system to come up with a quote. Then we will send you a move plan with an all-inclusive price that will not change unless your move details happen to change.

After your move is booked you’ll hear from us the day before to provide an arrival time. We always send a large enough crew (usually 3-4 people) to finish up the job in the least amount of time. Once the move is complete you’ll hear from our Customer Service department who will ask you a few questions regarding your move experience, which helps us to ensure our customers are 100 percent satisfied.

What is your biggest piece of advice you could give someone who is about to move?

Do your research and get free quotes. We recommend searching on sites such as the BBB, Yelp, Social Media, Google+ and asking people who they recommend. The most important thing is to ask a lot of questions to ensure your valuables will be well protected.


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