Monochromatic Hues Inspire This Home Designed By Sandra Oster

Sandra Oster

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Color speaks passion and serves as a magnet for me in my work. I have always been drawn to the variety of colors offered in the design world through fabrics, wall-coverings, paint and artifacts. But it is how they are used by the experienced and skillful designer that makes a home project successful for both the client and the professional. Since color is subjective, my creative challenges are always tested when clients ask for a monochromatic hue throughout their home. A personal “dare” to my right-brain senses for the “Queen of Color”…that’s me!

My Greenwich clients loved blue and wanted to carry this passion for azure throughout their new home. Each room flows into the next with the use of varied shades of blue whether in the deep sapphire of the carpets or the pale indigo blues in the sofa fabrics or the mixed cobalt hues of the drapery patterns. Living amid soft tinctures of blue was their vision.

But the difficult part; how to keep the space “dimensional and powerful” with color if only blues were used? Problem solved. The successful illusion of color layering was executed by bringing in many non-blue elements: side tables and consoles using varying wood stains, accent pillows and trim with raspberry and red shading, plants and colorful branches and even collectibles providing aged tones and history to the space. In fact, the dining room provides no blue at all. The ploy was to find a sanctuary of cream using fabric covered walls with antique mirrors reflecting that luscious soft color as a respite from the blue. It executes beautifully.

Somehow in this entire home color scheme, you don’t miss the vibrant power of multicolor. The interior design with all of its soft shades of blue, cream and white is a calm sanctuary. That is, after all, exactly what the client wanted, a home to reflect the way they wanted to live and their passion for blue.

Photos courtesy of Sandra Oster 

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