6 Of The Best Minimalist Kitchen Designs On Instagram

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Design is all about minimalism these days. Not only is minimalism prevalent in fashion and art, it extends into the realms of technology, food and interior design. The minimalist aesthetic embodies conscious design that makes good use of your interior space, leaving plenty of room for luxurious accents, fabrics and accessories. One of the best places to embrace a modern minimalist look is in your kitchen, and Instagram is a fantastic place to find minimalist kitchen inspiration.

Light and Bright

This kitchen-living room area is open and bright, its inclusive nature enhanced by floor-to-ceiling windows that line the room. Keeping the cabinets white allows them to seamlessly blend in with the walls and the ceiling, making the space look even more expansive.

 Modern Family

This kitchen makes excellent use of custom cabinetry to create a look that is both warm and modern. An exceptionally family-friendly design, the kitchen’s gorgeous wood cabinets provide ample storage space, while white shelving near the ceiling provides space for accents and architectural interest.

The Artist’s Loft

This stark white kitchen is anything but cold and boring. Unique art on the wall provides a pop of color while clean, modern white cabinetry and light wood flooring keep the space looking exquisitely modern. Soft natural light is a must for keeping this design light and bright.

Green and Grey

Green marble is a unique look that isn’t seen very often these days. This design gives it a modern upgrade, pairing it with sleek grey, handle-free cabinets and concrete walls, floors and ceilings. Custom lighting finishes off the look, elevating the kitchen in its level of elegance.

 A Neutral Stance

By utilizing three separate neutral tones — black, white and natural wood — this kitchen stays completely neutral without looking boring. In fact, a stark white wall outfitted with custom cabinetry acts as a subtle statement piece, especially opposite a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. By keeping the room completely art- and accent-free, the home’s designers have created a blank canvas that remains unquestionably pleasing to the eye.

Rustic Minimalism

By incorporating a wooden ceiling, paned windows and a farmhouse sink, this kitchen’s designers created a rustic look that still manages to be undoubtably modern. The ceiling’s clean lines and modern appliances are complemented by an elegant chandelier and natural wood, creating an airy, rustic yet upscale feel.

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