Millington Suburbs Renovation By Tina Ramchandani Creative

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Editor’s Note: Earlier this year, Tina Ramchandani Creative finished the renovation of this Millington, New Jersey home for a growing family.

Tina Ramchandani November 2019 1Photo Credit: Lisa Russman

Completed in April of 2019, Tina Ramchandani Creative’s Millington project is a home renovation for a Manhattan couple who moved to the suburbs for more space while expanding their family.  The clients wanted a complete overhaul, creating a comfortable and relaxing home while accommodating their love for entertaining friends and family.

Tina Ramchandani November 2019 2Photo Credit: Lisa Russman – Art Sourced by Mason Lane Art Advisory Services

“The clients on this project have a deep appreciation for nature and serenity,” says Ramchandani. “They love to cook and wanted a flexible yet comfortable home with the space to entertain– hence the formal dining area, library for cocktails, and outdoor space just off of the kitchen.” The inspiration for the home was the clients’ personal style. As explained by Ramchandani, “we were looking to balance the couple’s juxtaposing tastes of country and modern.  Our goal was to find a way to blend these looks together, giving each partner what they wanted, without settling on something that felt transitional. Instead of bridging the two looks together, we wanted them to stand true on their own while occupying the same space.”

Tina Ramchandani November 2019 3Photo Credit: Lisa Russman – Art Sourced by Mason Lane Art Advisory Services

TRC accomplished this by using similar shades of green on the walls throughout the home. “I was inspired by the colors on the exterior and it effectively set the stage for a cohesive look while incorporating their love of nature at the same time.  Using color to create an organic flow throughout the home enabled us to mix various styles of furniture in different rooms without them competing with each other. We used modern furniture in the living room and the first floor guest quarters which was a beautiful contrast to the country elements in the kitchen and master bedroom.”

Tina Ramchandani November 2019 4Photo Credit: Lisa Russman – Art Sourced by Mason Lane Art Advisory Services

With custom elements including a newly constructed fireplace surround, nested NY dining table, a nine-foot vanity in the master bath and an open shelf kitchenette among other things, the space is undeniably catered to its residents. The Stark carpets throughout, Ann Sacks tile, art sourced by Mason Lane Art Advisory Services, Phillip Jeffries wallcovering, Lepere sofa, and the sculptural Allied Maker Lighting chandelier in the formal dining area are just some of the aspects that make this project special.

Tina Ramchandani November 2019 5Photo Credit: Lisa Russman – Art Sourced by Mason Lane Art Advisory Services

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