Millennial Luxury Living Done Right

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Millennial luxury living is all about convenience, culture and creativity; the three Cs that collectively create the luxury residential experience. Every generation has its challenges and each thinks it's better than those who've come before, and those who will follow. But we must admit that millennials are doing some things superior. Keep reading and find out the top five things millennials are getting right in residential real estate and beyond.

1.  Urban Luxury Living

Millennial luxury living

Millennials seem to appreciate urban living and modern architecture. They embrace the romanticism of any high-end style of living. And with close proximity to great eateries, downtown entertainment in major metro areas and at-home luxury amenities, nothing is left wanting.

2. Sumptuous Food

Millennial Luxury Living

Millennials are definitely more health conscious than previous generations and consider themselves foodies. They continue to appreciate "clean eating," and only healthy versions of "fast food" will be prepared in this luxury kitchen.

3. Grand Experiences

Millennial Luxury Living

It is not uncommon to hear about a millennial dropping $500 a month to rent a Louis Vuitton handbag, or to spend extravagantly in order to experience the most wonderful, luxurious living in a first-rate residential tower. Millennials know that life is meant to be lavishly savored and enjoyed.

4. Versatile Careers

Millennial Luxury Living

A larger percentage of millennials are going into computer engineering and IT, but overall, most millennials reject the traditional career lifestyle and opt for a luxury lifestyle, with an emphasis on luxury. And work itself is much more remote these days - literally.

5. Transportation

Millennial Luxury Living

Many millennials are foregoing the ownership or leasing of a vehicle, and, instead, are relying on a combination of lyft, uber, public transportation and bike sharing. Or, in some cases, yachting and boating. In all these modes of transportation, there remains a variety of choices depending upon one's whim. Millennials know the answer to the question: why be tied down when you can roam free? In luxury, with unlimited choices.

All images courtesy of Sotheby's International Realty and Christie's International Real Estate

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