Mig Rodriguez Knows That Every Day is a Beautiful Day to Sell Real Estate

Miguel A. Rodriguez

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As a top-producing Luxury Real Estate Specialist in South Florida, Miguel Rodriguez credits his success to his unique knowledge of the market and the signature service experience for which he is well known. Leading record-breaking sales and expanding his business network all around the nation, Miguel focuses on making people’s dreams turn into reality through smooth transactions, secured deals, and everlasting connections.

Miguel sets the standard in white-glove client service. His exceptional work ethic and professionalism have allowed him the opportunity to represent celebrities, business leaders, and high-profile attorneys. Understanding the importance of vision and requiring it as an investor himself in Palm Beach County, Miguel has created multiple video series featuring the ultimate listings, latest developments, and the most trendsetting spots for shopping, dining & entertainment showcasing an unparalleled quality of life so that his clients can experience fully knowledge-backed guidance through any transaction, perfect for every real estate need and investment.

Here, he talks with Haute Residence about his journey to real estate and how Covid impacted his clients and business.

17199 Brulee Breeze Way, Boca Raton, FL 33496 - $7,350,000

Why did you choose Real Estate?

As surprising as it may sound, Real Estate was never in my plans. I grew up thinking I was going to become a surgeon and right before graduating, while on my annual trip to Kenya offering medical aid to orphans, I found myself confronting the fact that although I loved serving others, putting the scrubs on didn’t exactly make me feel right. During the flight back home, I had the time to confront my feelings and realized I wanted to pursue the business world just like I had watched my father do all his life. It took every bit of courage to share the news and once I graduated, I began my journey in Real Estate. I really enjoy the process, the negotiations, and the market. Every little detail that needs to come together in order to close a deal is like energy flowing through my veins. It makes me feel alive. Every day is a beautiful day to sell houses.

What was your journey to where you are today?

I believe, like any other process in life, it takes courage and perseverance to get to the top. You need to be willing to go the extra mile. Sometimes you have to sacrifice vacations in order to secure a deal while your clients are out of town enjoying The Hamptons. Other times, you are grabbing the swimming pool leaf rake to clean the pool right before your buyer shows up to the listing because it rained the night before, leaving the “serene backyard” a total mess. It really comes down to how badly you want to succeed.

What is your biggest success story to date?

I consider all of my journey my biggest success, regardless of circumstances, because everything has brought me to where I am today. Although, I think one for the books happened during COVID. It was the beginning of the pandemic and you could almost taste the fear in the air, no one really knew what was going on and for a moment I felt like the world literally stopped. I was enormously challenged because the majority of my work is conducted outside of my home. So, encountering such an unexpected obstacle challenged every system of mine. I had some past clients that recommended me to this very well-known attorney that I had seen on the news. It was one of those deals you can only dream of, and just prior to starting our search we were informed that Florida was under quarantine – almost every place shut down.

17199 Brulee Breeze Way, Boca Raton, FL 33496 - $7,350,000

Naturally, I started worrying, not only about myself but also about my client who has an autoimmune disease, making him highly susceptible to the virus. Not to mention, he and his wife were semi-trapped up north in their summer home. As later declared an “essential worker,” I began my search for their new home becoming a semi-professional videographer along the way as each showing was done via FaceTime. After virtually falling in love with a home, they hopped on a friend’s jet and made the trip down. I hired a driver to pick them up at the airport so they could meet me directly at the home. Suffice it to say, after only hours at the home, they loved it and flew back that same day. The rest of the transaction was conducted virtually and was my first of many virtual sales during one of the scariest seasons of my life.

What makes your market unique?

West Palm Beach is unique in a lot of ways. I think the most valuable attribute is the fact that it hasn’t fully developed yet so there is real potential here. It is growing, it is developing, and you see every day more and more investors coming down to explore their options. West Palm Beach is going through a high-end revolution, from commercial all the way to residential, it’s bringing top-of-the-world developers, haute couture designers, and fine restaurants, offering redefined exclusivity and luxury living like no other. Everything that was once there is being made again in such an experienced and sophisticated way that, mark my words, it is going to build legacies for those who believed in it. A lot of people don’t know this because they haven’t even been here, typically they are suggested to stick to the places they already know, glancing over West Palm Beach, but that’s the problem when you are receiving guidance from someone that hasn’t worked and invested here, they don’t fully understand the opportunities they are losing out on.


For more information, please contact Miguel A. Rodriguez at 561-603-9473 or miguel@thechadcarrollgroup.com

Miguel A. Rodriguez is one of the exclusive agents representing the West Palm Beach, FL real estate market as a member of the Haute Residence Real Estate Network. View all of his listings here.

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