Michael Scigliano Of MS2 Design Studio Reveals One Of His Greatest Design Secret Weapons

Michael Scigliano | MS2 Design Studio

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Michael Scigliano and Fernando Alvarez

Photo Credit: Juan Pablo Castro

Every great designer needs a great upholsterer to make their vision become a reality. For Michael Scigliano, of MS2 Design Studio, that upholsterer is Fernando, one of the Alvarez brothers of Le Jeune Upholstery.

When you have a particular project or client, where items in a showroom won’t fit the need, custom is the only option. “I love the thought of my clients having something that was designed and fabricated especially for them.”

Curved Upholstered Sofa

Photo Credit: Troy Campbell Studio

Each piece is Haute Couture for the home. The curved sofa and large Cavallini cowhide ottoman with the floating console is a perfect example of this. The curved bay window of this Miami Beach home needed a sofa that hugged the lines of the Art Deco architecture. Combining that shape with Holly Hunt textiles that can stand up to a family with two dogs and lots of entertaining and you have the perfect sofa!

Photo Credit: MS2 Design Studio

In the 15 years that MS2 Design Studio has been working with Le Jeune Upholstery, they have collaborated on many special projects, including a pair of custom sofas with walnut bases for a vignette at Design on a Dime Miami in 2017.  As well as, several pieces for the designer’s own home.

Photo Credit: MS2 Upholstery

Le Jeune Upholstery is located in Miami and continues the legacy founded by their parents in 1971. Fernando has incorporated the quality and attention to detail learned through the years, into each finished piece in the workroom. He and his brothers share a passion for their work and continue to serve the design community to this day.

Photo Credit: Juan Pablo Castro

For more information from MS2 Design Studio, head to https://ms2designstudio.com

To learn more about Lejeune Upholstery, visit http://lejeuneupholstery.com

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