Philip Weiser

[French Riviera, France]

2721 Chemin de Saint-Claude, 06600 Antibes

+33 6 14 34 13 14

+33 4 93 95 11 11


Philip is a well-traveled New Zealander who has lived all over the world, from the United States to Bermuda - and across to Europe where he spent time in United Kingdom, Switzerland, and finally, France. Philip worked within the luxury hotel and hospitality industry for decades in London before transitioning to luxury real estate when he and his young family settled in France. Philip has held his French real estate license for over 40 years and has assisted hundreds of buyers and sellers in the sale and acquisition of luxury homes and villas throughout the French Riviera. Launching Carlton International in 1995, the first of the Carlton International brands soon followed by Carlton International Rentals, specialising in the vacation and long-term rental of exceptional homes - Carlton Signature, Property Management, designed to offer a complete service to our clients from home improvements to looking after properties when the owners are away - and finally, Carlton Hotel Brokers, formed to assist in acquisition and investment transactions in the Hospitality industry. Carlton Group is uniquely and specifically focused on the French Riviera, the area starting at the Italian borders, all the way down the coastline to the famous town of Saint Tropez and everything in between - including the cities of Nice, Antibes, and Cannes. Philip and the entire Carlton International team are based on the French Riviera, which means we physically visit and photograph all of our luxury homes and know the owners personally - we are a leading estate agent on the Cote d'Azur. As a team, we collectively speak 14 languages, including Russian, Italian, all Scandinavian languages, Dutch, German, and of course English to cater to our international clientele. Rest assured that if your language preference is English, our English-speaking division can guide and represent you through the process of financing, buying, or selling your luxury home on the French Riviera.