Nancy Yeh

[Pacific Heights/Lower Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA]

2099 Market St. San Francisco, CA 94132



Meet Nancy. Relator by day, and …yep, you guessed it, still a realtor by night. Seriously, this woman doesn’t sleep. A veritable spark plug in the real estate game, Nancy Yeh has no shortage of magnetism. Born and bred in San Francisco, she inherited a sense of hustle early on, earning her stripes in corporate sales and various entrepreneurial gigs before pivoting into real estate.

Equipped with a gift for connecting people, it’s no surprise that she’s taken on leadership roles in every one of her past roles and founded several networking groups throughout the years.

A breath of fresh air in the real estate game, Nancy challenges the status quo at every turn. She takes a personalized approach, working tirelessly to understand a client’s specific objectives before developing a personalized plan to achieve their goals. Never one to chase a commission, she’s renowned for taking a holistic approach and always prioritizing her client’s best interests.

Re-examining the concept of “home,” she loves helping buyers find their place within the larger community and setting a foundation for their future. To Nancy, “home” isn’t merely where we exist, but where we make memories, usher in milestones, and share laughter with loved ones. Put plainly, Nancy gets it. She can see the bigger picture. Just ask her buyer that successfully snapped up Kamala Harris’ condo (true story).

Nancy is equally adept at guiding sellers through the process. Recognizing that selling a home – particularly for the first time – can be a pressure-filled affair, Nancy takes a mindful approach.  Distinguished by her unflappable cool and effortless equanimity, she has a fantastic gift for being able to provide a smooth, stress-free experience. Nancy’s ultimate win? Making a complicated transaction feel like a piece of cake. At the end of the day, she loves knowing that she played an integral part in helping someone accomplish a major life goal.

Residing in Lakeside with her trusty pup, Louie, Nancy has seen her (yes, her) beloved city experience tremendous change since her early years in Central Richmond. Equipped with a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the nuanced neighborhoods and microcosms that make up San Francisco, she’s quick to sniff out underground art shows and live music. A devout yoga fan who’s big on meditation, she’s equally at ease exploring the outdoors. Most recently, a seaweed foraging adventure. Next up? Mushroom foraging. Turns out off-market listings aren’t the only thing that Nancy has a talent for unearthing.  But you’ll have to ask her about that when you meet her.