Kayce Driscoll
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[Palm Island / Hibiscus Island, FL]

1111 Lincoln Rd #805, Florida, 33139






Meet Kayce Driscoll

Miami is a special place with pale blue waters and warm breezes all year round. I have specialized in the Luxury Waterfront Residential Market for my entire career in Real Estate. The views in which I am privileged to represent everyday gives me energy to pursue the best possible home for those who are looking for a home or condo.

I am not only a Realtor but also an investor, therefore I treat my clients as I would treat my own investment, with diligence, research and knowledge which has taken over a decade to accumulate.
The Miami Market is very different than most Real Estate Markets due to our world wide cultural diversity and local customs in our transactions. Providing details on your specific criteria as a Buyer will help me locate a place quickly and easily. As a Seller, we have a very broad reach and if your property is priced right, it will sell regardless of market conditions.

I have a team of people, all with specific skills, to make the team the best in the business. We have also schooled ourselves in the best NEW construction projects in town and we are very opinioned as to which are the best investments! Come work with us and you will have the best experience and service in town. I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Realtor,

Kayce Driscoll