Hanz Radlein

[Laguna Beach, CA]

540 S Coast Hwy Suite 202 Laguna Beach, CA 92629


[email protected]



There are many routes to a real estate career, and Hanz Radlein’s journey was born from a love of architecture, delight in helping people, and the thrill that comes from negotiating the best deal for his clients. These components have served to bring him to his perfect destination – the luxury market of Southern California’s beautiful coastline with an emphasis on Laguna Beach.

His former career as an Operations Manager handling both domestic and international logistics along with strategic partnerships gave him superb communications skills, and an infectiously positive attitude and creative approach. As a former Marketing Manager, he mastered killer negotiation and market analysis skills, along with marketing initiatives that were resourceful in their planning and execution.

Hanz ethos of ‘looking at things differently’ brings results that turn clients into his loyal fans. He has built and remodeled homes, including his own home in North Laguna Beach, and he has perfected his negotiation prowess while handling new home construction, residential home sales, and land deals.
He understands the discerning palates of an international and domestic high net-worth clientele, and most importantly, he understands the privacy concerns of such clients and handles their needs accordingly. Hanz is adept at handling multi-million property sales and luxury coastal lease agreements for his clients; and clients say he is first and foremost a gentleman with a high standard of moral values, integrity and professionalism, and ‘one of the nicest people you could wish to meet.’

Professional accomplishments aside, Hanz is most proud of his beautiful family. His wife and children always are a priority in his life, and it is they who inspire him.

If you desire a distinctive home, you need an agent who is uniquely skilled to help you secure the lifestyle home of your dreams – Hanz Radlein is that person.