Bebe McRae & Alexis Thompson

[East Bay Area, including Berkeley, Oakland, Piedmont and Orinda]

3070 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley 94705

Bebe (510) 928-3912

(510) 652-2133, Bebe (ext. 415)

[email protected]

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3070 Claremont Avenue, Berkeley 94705

Alexis (510) 816-0706

(510) 652-2133, Alexis (ext. 419)

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With more than four decades of combined experience, and working together since 2008, Bebe and Alexis have achieved record setting sales by providing the broadest exposure and the strongest negotiating skills. They share a commitment to excellence, a dedication to client service and a reputation of cooperation and trust with all agents in the real estate industry. Their winning partnership is ready for the intensity of a fast-paced market and provides an unparalleled availability.

Both Alexis and Bebe excel in the finest presentation of each listing with a hands-on management of every detail. They carefully choose the professionals with whom they work, and they have gained the respect of stagers, painters and all other resources needed for each property.

As long-time Bay Area residents with a wealth of associations and information about neighborhoods, schools and community services, Bebe and Alexis are well-connected within the East Bay’s contemporary culture. Their depth of personal experience and a broad reach of relationships allow them to provide the essential guidance and on-point resources required for clients to reach and surpass their real estate goals.

Bebe has consistently been named the “Shining Star” of the Grubb Company since joining their ranks in 2002. In 2008, Alexis was exclusively recruited to work with Bebe for their shared values and strong commitment to client service. Working together, they have achieved consistent recognition as a Company-Wide Winning Team by The Grubb Company and have been named among the Top 100 Teams in the Bay Area by the Luxury Marketing Counsel. Together, they are well-regarded among their peers for their broad and effective marketing strategies, strong negotiating skills and unwavering integrity throughout their transactions.

Both Bebe and Alexis are committed to serving their communities as well as their clients by participating in local organizations including The Berkeley Food and Housing Project, The Berkeley Symphony “Music in the Schools Program”, Children’s Health Guild (a fundraising group for UCSF Benioff Oakland Children’s Hospital and The George Mark House) and many others.