Meet The Aromacholgist Behind The Luxury Scent of Dwyane Wade’s Home

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Luxury scent branding company, Aroma 360 has revolutionized the industry with its unique sensory branding taking over some of the world’s most renowned luxury hotels and private residences. The scent brand was founded by aromacholgist Farah Abassi, who developed a love affair with scents as she first ventured into the fragrance industry at age 15. Now, the brand has opened its first-ever brick and mortar showroom in the artsy and trend-setting Wynwood area. Aroma 360 is behind the scent of some of the world’s most iconic hotels and residences including W South Beach, Atlantis Paradise Island, Palazzo Del Sol, Ritz-Carlton Spa and the private homes of Dwyane Wade and David Grutman — just to name a few. With a passion for creating scents designed to evoke specific emotions, Abassi along with the Aroma 360 team work closely with each client in creating custom scents for their luxury private oasis. Haute Residence caught up with the queen of Aromachology who dishes on the importance a scent is to a home’s aesthetic, Aroma 360’s most popular scent and more.

Farah Abassi

Photo courtesy of Farah Abassi | Aroma 360

Haute Residence: How do you work with clients in narrowing down and choosing the type of scent to incorporate into their home?                 

Farah Abassi: When working with a client to find the perfect scent for their home, a multitude of things has to be considered. All of our fragrances are designed around the principles of Aromachology which is the study of how scent has the ability to affect our mood and emotions. It’s important that we know how the client wants to feel when they are in their home so we can suggest a scent that is congruent with the overall feeling of the space. For example, a space that is bright, fresh and energizing will benefit from a scent that is crisp and uplifting. If the home is warm and inviting, we’ll suggest scents with woodsy or herbaceous undertones that evoke feelings of groundedness and comfort. 

HR: How important is a scent to a home?  

FA: Scent is an accessory that’s often overlooked in the design of a home. But just as important as one’s choice in furniture, lighting and artwork, scent adds depth and character to a space. As the only sense that is directly linked to emotions and memories, scent is perhaps the most important facet of a home’s aesthetic; bringing together all the design elements to create a complete experience for whoever walks into your home.

Aroma 360

Photo courtesy of Farah Abassi | Aroma 360

HR: Walk us through the process of consultation to then getting Aroma set up in a home.  

FA: The process of choosing a scent starts with a short consultation with a fragrance specialist that includes discussions about the desired mood/ambiance and overall design elements including color schemes and lighting. From there, based on the size of the home and AC configuration, we will provide a recommendation as to what diffusers are needed to help the client accomplish their desired results. We have solutions for spaces as small as 800 square feet all the way up to 20,000 square feet so we provide a tailored offering that is unique to each client. 

HR: What is your most popular scent and is there a trend between the location of the home and what scent the client gravitates to? 

FA: We do see a variation in scent preferences across locations. Since our scent preference is largely dictated around scents we’ve been exposed to during our childhood, there are bound to be cultural variances. The company was founded in Miami and over the past few years we’ve expanded to New York, the Caribbean and the Middle East so our scent library has expanded to accommodate these differences. We do have a few scents that are extremely popular across a broad range of geographical areas such as “My Way” and “London Calling”.

Aroma 360

Photo courtesy of Farah Abassi | Aroma 360

HR: How did you get started with Aroma 360?

FA: I have been working in fragrance for over 17 years; my background was heavily focused on essential oils. In 2012 I moved to the US and I struggled to find a product that I could use in my home as I’m highly sensitive to synthetic fragrances. Aroma360 was born out of necessity as I saw a large void for a healthy scenting option the home fragrance industry.

HR: Are there any upcoming projects you are working on that you’re excited to share with us?

FA: We just opened up our first showroom in Miami and we will be opening up more locations in key markets around the country. We have also partnered with a few incredible artists and luxury brands and will be launching some co-branded home fragrance lines that will launch in the next 3 months which we are extremely excited about. 

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