Max ID NY Remixes the Mundane Sun Chair with Maximilian Eicke’s Sloth Chair

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Max ID NY announces release of its latest take on the common sun chair, the Sloth Chair, designed by Maximilian Eicke.

Photo Credit: Björn Wallander

Launched on November 2nd, the Sloth Chair was designed to reflect the crescent shape of the waves and undulations of sand dunes with the ergonomics of the human body in mind for comfort. The Sloth Chair marks Maximilian Eicke's return to his roots in furniture design.

The Sloth Chair is made from hand woven synthetic fiber over a powder coated aluminum frame. Boasting an innovative and unconventional shape for the traditional sun chair, the design is synonymous with relaxation. Bearing the trademarked name “sloth” of its animal kingdom counterpart, Eicke hopes that through this chair, the user is able to take a break from the everyday rush and slow down.

Photo Credit: Björn Wallander

A sun chair by ordinary terms is intended as much for the beach as it is for the backyard, summer homes, and events. The Sloth Chair integrates many unique features into its unconventional design; the foldaway rear legs seamlessly hug the S-shaped curve of the chair allowing itself to be stacked away for easy storage, and an integrated built-in handle allowing for easy carry. Through this innovative, body hugging design, the days of bumping your legs into your sun chair in transit are long behind.

Maximilian Eicke is the principal and founder of Max ID NY, a design studio with a passion for producing minimalistic works that straddle the boundary of sculpture and functionality. The contemporary furniture and homewares studio explores the relationship between shapes and has long been a direct juxtaposition to the antiques his family collected. This theme continues in the newest design.

Photo Credit: Björn Wallander

The Sloth further cements Max ID NY's expansion toward e-commerce as the studio continues to offer more accessibility to the items from its collections on a broader scope. The Sloth Chair is available in a range of six different colors signature to Max ID NY: white, tan, gray, yellow, orange, and teal. Available exclusively on

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