Matthew Boland Talks Trends, Client Visions and Favorite Brands

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What patterns, colors and home design features are trending in 2014?

Color! Big, bold pops of saturated jewel tone colors!

What are your favorite ways to implement them in your own design process?

Colors that are rich and sophisticated are easy to implement into any style or vernacular. It is a commitment and it is a powerful way to add personality and drama.

Are you seeing any design trends stem from celebrity homes? If so, which ones, and why do you think they caught on?

Closet design! Everyone wants to peek into celebrity closets online, and it has dramatically influenced these spaces as important spaces that should have the same consideration design-wise as the master bedroom.

What is the best way to get a sense of your client’s vision for their interior?  

To walk through spaces that they are moved by, stay in the hotels they love and dine in the restaurants that they think are beautiful. You have to step into their shoes, and an interior should always reflect the client's tastes and interest, not the designer's.

If you could pick 3 (belated) New Year’s design resolutions to make for 2014, what would they be? Why?

I don’t believe in resolutions; I like to execute.

Name your favorite furniture and décor brands to work with. What makes them so special?

I love small artisan co-ops where I am connecting directly with the craftsman.  We design a lot of our furniture in house to make it special and bespoke; that is important in the luxury world today.

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