Matali Crasset to Present Innovative Concrete and Metal Collection at Maison et Objet

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French designer Matali Crasset will present a series of objects and furniture commissioned by Concrete LCDA—an extension of her previous table, lighting and shelving that she created for the French company in 2012—at Maison&Objet 2015 in Paris from January 23rd to 27th. The collection includes "Multifacet"—which blends polished concrete with various metals (bright pewter, warm brass and soft copper), and "One Piece," which blends the versatile concrete with leather.

Multifacet Designs by Matali Crasset

"Multifacet" is a series of four pieces, each of which has the same standard fibre-reinforced concrete form—an octagonal base and angled sides that create a partially enclosed space—but depending on their arrangement with additional metal components, and the way in which they are organized, project different functions: a candle holder, a champagne bucket, a single-flower vase, and a tablet/shelf.

Multifacet Designs by Matali Crasset

Three of the sides are removed so that whatever is inside can be displayed.  "Multifacet is a series of concrete mini-areas with multiple possibilities," said Crasset, who spent five years working with Philippe Starck. "Each mini-area is faceted, to be broken down on each side, to better show off the object on display: a flower, a candle or a bottle."

A cylinder made of Brass forms a vase to hold small flowers within the concrete shape.The ice bucket features a dip in the center, allowing a bottle to rest on the lip. The missing sections have been replaced by a mirror-polished pewter container within the concrete shell.

Multifacet by Matali Crassat

Also lined with pewter, the candleholder has a small circular section raised slightly from the center of the base, allowing it to catch dripping wax.

Multifacet Designs by Matali CrassetTo create the display stand, one of the concrete forms has been flipped over and placed on another. Sitting between the two, an eight-sided brass sheet with raised sides creates a shelf, with the surfaces of the base and its top also being topped with metal.

Multifacet Designs by Matali Crasset

Crasset—who worked with metal smiths l'Orfèvrerie d'Anjou to create the metal parts of the pieces—said, "A masterful mix and staging of contrasting materials— concrete and metal—meet a need for durable beauty."

Matali Crasset for concrete LCDA

Matali Crasset will also display "One Piece" at Maison&Objet 2015. The unique monolithic counter structure combines the expertise of Concrete LCDA, and the leather craftsmanship of domeau & pérès. Amazingly fabricated with a single piece of 20-inch-thick fiber-reinforced concrete produced in a single cast, 360-degree molding was used in conjunction with a counter mold to hold the concrete in place.

Matali Crasset for concrete LCDA

This ambitious undertaking required a total of 300 kilograms of concrete and 18 hours of casting. Complementing the faceted concrete structure, the underside is lined with genuine leather, fitted visibly by domeau & pérès.


Images and Information courtesy of designboom and Dezeen

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