Maritha Keil Talks Marketing Systems, Standing out for the Competition and Business Philosophy

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What types of marketing systems and approaches do you use to sell a home for your client?

With Sothebys we are blessed to have several exclusive global marketing tools that no other real estate company can possibly compete with or match. The brand is phenomenal in its aggressive approach to marketing both online and in print. A vendor could not find a more diversified and published marketing team of professionals than Sothebys International Realty. We are able to put properties into printed and online venues at a fraction of the cost, while reaching a broad base of consumers using such well read venues as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Sothebys Auction Houses and At Action Magazines, etc.

What are some recommendations you might make to a seller when they begin staging a home to prepare for showings? 

It never hurts to properly stage a house prior to showing it to a potential purchaser. I also suggest each seller should have a Structural Engineer come and do a preliminary inspection to point out the areas needing attention or repairs so these areas can be addressed prior to potential buyer doing a closer inspection once they become sincerely interested in purchasing. Patch, paint, seal, recover, or repair ahead of time, so that a buyer can imagine moving right in, with the least amount of effort exerted. the quickest sales are those that appear to be "turn key" properties.

What sets you apart from your competition in your market?

After working continuously in the industry for over 25 years in the BVI, I currently have the greatest volume of sales and broadest general knowledge of the real estate market. I have not only worked longer than any other sales agent in the BVI, I continue to consistently sell more properties than other agents due to my sincere desire to help match make purchasers to their home of their dreams. I have a wide base of referrals from happy former clients who continue to enjoy their homes. I sincerely enjoy pouring the dedicated time and energy into successfully analyzing and narrowing the options down until the right match is made.

What is your business philosophy?

The process is often the reward, There is actually a purchaser for every house and a house for every purchaser, no matter what the position, design, location or quality of construction.

Remembering to stay centered during the process while helping each seller to find the right purchaser or each purchaser find the corresponding property is actually an extremely rewarding process, regardless of the potential commissions earned. Honestly and full disclosure allows a purchaser to make an informed decision with fewer regrets. My sincere inner satisfaction actually comes from something more spiritual than physical, as it comes from knowing that I genuinely helped another fellow human being positively achieve their various and diverse goals during the whole real estate process. Whether it is finding or selling their home, I sincerely and purely enjoy the process of helping another sojourner in this small corner of the universe, during the limited we may have together.

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