Marc Jacobs’ Ex Shows off Luxury Bike Collection

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marc jacobs

Lorenzo Martone, Marc Jacobs’ Brazilian former fiancé, brought luxury style to bicycling by unveiling Martone Cycling Co. The brand, adopted by concept store Colette in Paris, showcased streamlined monochromatic bicycles to suit the most stylish buyers.

Bikes come with a signature red chain and a variety of colors, and they are crafted from aluminum steel alloy. Boasting a duomatic gear system and undeniable style, these bikes are the perfect fit for luxury cycling enthusiasts.

Martone comments to Women’s Wear Daily, "I was buying my second bike and I had moved apartments in New York, and I was putting the bikes in the living room. I’m like, “They don’t look good. There’s something wrong with this aesthetic.” It’s too sporty, and I collect midcentury furniture, and it’s all wood and simple.”

marc jacobs

Photos courtesy of PSFK

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