Manny Angelo Varas Designed, Developed, And Built This Beautiful Development Project In Cocoplum – Casa Costanera

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MV Group USA has built the incredible Casa Costanera, the first flat-roofed home in the private neighborhood of Cocoplum in Coral Gables. It is also the very first B&B Italia custom furnished and designed home in the U.S. sitting upon .45 acres of land in Cocoplum.

Prior to the construction of this luxurious home, it was sitting as a 6,000-square-foot house which was then purchased and taken down by Manny Angelo Varas, CEO and President of MV Group USA. Varas then put forth the project to convert the home for his family. The home has now been turned into a luxurious 7,000-square-foot residence with 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

In addition, this residence has an Italian-designed kitchen, a wine cellar available for 1,000 bottles of wine, a motorized 75-inch tv that dismounts from the ceiling, a 60-foot-long infinity pool, a movie theater, a glass elevator, which overlooks a cascading water feature at the front of the home, and much more.

As the home was being built, Manny was offered a deal never seen before in the neighborhood, an unsolicited $16 million offer. This then led Manny to sell the property, where the new owners were then offered $25 million after closing. 

Casa Costanera is truly one-of-a-kind and a testament to the work that Manny Angelo Varas and MV Group USA do. For more information about MV Group USA and its luxury projects, visit the website here.

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