Malia Cox Nobrega on the Community in Vail Valley, Colorado

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Vail Valley is made up of people who love to enjoy the mountains and the outdoors, including both the hardcore outdoorsy types that cannot get enough hiking, biking, and skiing, as well as those who just like to be surrounded by nature all the time. Locals will sit by the pool, surrounded by beautiful mountains, and share cocktails at sunset, often on a beautiful patio with Mother Nature all around. The combination of great city access, while still maintaining a mountain lifestyle, is appealing to many. The area sees little-to-no traffic and a very different mentality. People here work smart to play hard.

Vail Valley has a very relaxed, up-scale atmosphere. When people ask what the appropriate dress is for certain events, the answer is virtually always the same: "Dress up as much or as little as you like.” A mix of casual and trendy styles can be seen in Vail Valley, but it all somehow works without feeling out of place.

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