Malia Cox Nobrega Has Been Nominated for ‘Outstanding Rookie of the Year’ by ‘Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate’

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Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate announced the award nominees for the 20th Annual Luxury Real Estate Fall Conference for 2015. This event will take place at the Four Season Hotel in Seattle, Washington, from October 3 to October 7. Among the nominees is Malia Cox Nobrega with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty for "Outstanding Rookie of the Year."

Although Malia has been licensed since 2004, the fact that she engaged in very limited real estate until 2014 qualified her for this coveted award. Prior to 2014, Malia and her husband Jay Nobrega owned and operated one of the largest residential property management companies in the Vail Valley, as well as owned and operated Vail Construction Group and Vail Millworks. Vail Construction Group and Vail Millworks produce some of the most impressive residential constructions in the Vail area and are now Jay’s sole priority.

Selling the property management company allowed Malia and her husband to refocus their careers more on what they were passionate about. “My personality requires me to devote myself to something 100 percent,” Nobrega explains. So when she wanted to truly engage in luxury real estate, she knew it had to be on a full-time basis. Nobrega grew up in the Vail Valley and explained that her love of the area, her skills in law and negotiation, her passion for cutting-edge technology, and her natural drive to learn and improve, would prime her for success in luxury real estate

“Frankly, I didn’t expect the level of success I achieved so quickly out of the blocks, but I stayed focused on what was most important and doing great work for my clients by using my ability to negotiate, network, create incredible marketing, and leverage the latest technology," Nobrega says. "I knew if I focused on what was most important, exceptional results for my clients, then success would eventually come.”

“I am thrilled to be nominated and am really looking forward to a productive networking event in Seattle,” she says. Nobrega explains that she is committed to learning from and connecting with like-minded real estate professionals throughout the world so that she can continue to grow and so that she can network with other great brokers, to which she would refer clients in their region. “As my clients become more aware that I am here to help regardless of where they are seeking to buy and sell real estate, one day I hope that many of my closest clients will see me as their real estate consultant similar to how they view their legal counsel and CPA.”

Nobrega adds that no matter what her success, it is always humbling to go to these events and network with so many people that work in markets of such an incredible magnitude, and that although Vail is quite expensive, when she speaks to colleagues in places like Palo Alto, New York, Dubai, and London, it appears to be a different world.

Since 1995, has remained the number one website for luxury properties over $1 million. It has continually remained an award-winning company connecting some of the finest real estate brokers around the world with currently more than 130,000 members in more than 70 countries. Nobrega is also recognized as a Board of Regent member, an exclusive designation to represent the Vail Valley, Colorado. Her listings receive showcasing and prime placement on Being one of five nominees for the 2015 Outstanding Rookie of the Year is a very impressive achievement. Past winners of this award from around the world have gone on to attain world-class success negotiating their clients more than a billion dollars in sales, a monumental achievement among international Realtors.

Regardless of the price point of the market, Nobrega states “at the end of the day it is about leveraging our skills and talents and constantly striving to improve at the highest level within our market, and I look forward to doing that for many years to come.”

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