These Pools In Luxury Residences Will Blow Your Mind

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We all had the friend that had the pool growing up. It was important to have that friend, because before you knew it July was here and that person came in handy on those 90 degree afternoons. As a grown up, that still holds true, the main difference being that the pools are tucked into luxury residential towers. Though New York City is often known as a concrete jungle of skyscrapers, some of those have luxurious, beautiful pools to offer exclusively to tenants. If you're one for the water, its worth looking into these beautiful buildings if not for the super luxury apartments upstairs, for the water they're holding for you too.

1. 1 Seaport

1 Seaport


Photo: Williams New York

2. 1 West End

1 West End

Photo: DBOX/Pelli Clark Pelli

3. 10 Madison Square West

10 Madison Square West

Photo: Whitehall Interiors NYC

4. 91 Leonard

91 Leonard

Photo: VUW Studio

5. 111 Murray

111 Murray

Photo: Redundant Pixel

6. SKY


Photo: Tim Waltman for Evan Joseph Images

7. The Continental

The Continental

Photo: The Continental

All buildings were designed by Hill West Architects.


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