Luxury Apartments With The Most Fun, Festive And Fabulous Outdoor Amenities

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These days, apartment towers are being built by developers at a rapid real estate pace, and luxury rentals and purchases are at an all-time high. Sophisticated amenities, once only offered by hotels, are now being offered as standard services, must-haves if you will, in the newer penthouse towers. And that’s just for starters; never-seen-before-until-now amenities for the hyper-sized lifestyle are also in high demand.

Here are some luxe amenities that create the most curated outdoor experiences currently available in luxury living, and are proving to be most beneficial to owners and renters who reside in these unparalleled apartment complexes.

Rooftop Terrace With Pool And Spa

Fun, Festive And Fabulous Outdoor Amenities

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Pools and expansive rooftop sun decks are being designed with a more creative flair, adding waterfalls or even a hot tub in the middle of the pool. Breathtaking panoramic vistas are the new backyards. A private heated infinity swimming pool with attendants makes for the perfect amenity at sunrise or sunset.

Fun, Festive And Fabulous Outdoor

Perhaps a rooftop outfitted with a jacuzzi and the most amazing city view would appeal to you.

Lounge Area

Fun, Festive And Fabulous Outdoor Amenities

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A sky lounge with an amazing first-rate view is the hottest spot to socialize and is, indeed, most popular amongst the residents. The lounge space seamlessly provides a transition between the interior and exterior. An on-site hair salon and five-star restaurant are also sought-after luxe amenities.

Fun, Festive And Fabulous Outdoor Amenities

Enjoy your our own private High Line, an outdoor community space that creates resort-style ambiance for staycation city living.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Fun, Festive And Fabulous Outdoor Amenities

The toasting of marshmallows has been replaced by the toasting of champagne glasses, as you lounge by an oversized, custom fire pit and remain spellbound by a most captivating view.

Fun, Festive And Fabulous Outdoor Amenities

Custom fire features are trending as the decor in outdoor landscaping. These outdoor spaces are zen-like areas that, most often, have been outfitted with an outdoor refrigerator, sink and bespoke counter space. Movin’ on up to the East Side has morphed into movin’ on up to the outside. In your penthouse.

Outdoor Theater

Fun, Festive And Fabulous Outdoor Amenities

Go to the cinema in the comfort of your own rooftop front yard and enjoy movie nights in big, brazen and bold style.

Fun, Festive And Fabulous Outdoor Amenities

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And “here’s looking at you, kid.” Looking at you, seated in cinematic style on a swanky rooftop.

Dog Daycare

Fun, Festive And Fabulous Outdoor Amenities

A dog daycare is the new hot luxe amenity. You no longer need to hire a dog walker or rearrange your after-work schedule to walk your dog. Instead, your dog is cared for by personnel in the comforts of your own dreamy apartment complex, while enjoying socialization with other furry friends. Unconditional convenience at its very best.

That Extra Perk

Fun, Festive And Fabulous Outdoor Amenities


This time around you can believe the hype. Some of the most expensive penthouses came with a number of extras, e.g., two Rolls-Royce Phantoms and a $1 million yacht. At another time, a 1948 Jaguar XK120 was the bonus. Either of these penthouse purchases is a win-win situation that takes the “outside amenity” in a luxury building to a whole new hyper-luxurious level.

Renters and buyers alike are rapidly becoming accustomed to these signature luxury amenities that provide the most amazing conveniences. As residents enjoy these outside amenities, the potential for entertainment and convenience will likely grow as luxe-apartment-living becomes more and more luxurious.


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