Lust Have: This Wine Decanter Makes Every Holiday Party Better

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Every year when the holidays roll around, the family gathers in one house to celebrate together, and the traditions unfold like clockwork. The same red wine gets brought out. Uncle Jim thinks he can open it, then he can't, then the cork gets stuck in the bottle.

Stop making the same mistakes every holiday party and get a wine decanter. This one, from British designer Tom Dixon, is a sleek, modern model that aerates and decants wine to its perfect taste. Not to mention, having a modern looking decanter is a great conversation piece, and looks great with anything in it year round. For the gift set of the decanter, that comes with the two glasses, is only $180. The smoky silhouettes in the design and gradient of color from black to clear glass also give a uniquely organic vibe to such a modern looking design, making it perfect for any home. Not to mention, wine bottles are always hard to pour with the weight unevenly distributed throughout the bottle. With the decanters even handle and wide spout on top, it's perfect to grip at the head and pour without worrying about splattering the rug.

While the holiday season may be filled with cozy sweaters, and organic, warm, traditional design pieces, this decanter can cut through it all and be the conversation piece of the night, while still blending into the holiday spirit.

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